Started as a whatsapp group during the pandemic, the platform now operates events as well as a tool to help founders apply to pitch, compare against peers and connect to investors.
Plus, how syndicates may be more profitable to run and organize than micro-funds.
Latest episode of our Women Startup Leaders Series.
Top Posts on Building & Investing in Startups from Our Global Community
Nirjhor Rahman, CEO of Bangladesh Angels, shares our learnings supporting 42 companies with funding in Bangladesh
BWIN's First Women Entrepreneurs Showcase Held in Dhaka featuring a powerhouse audience of investors, founders, and key ecosystem players.
Latest episode of "the Bridge," a series featuring varied insights from Bangladeshis in tech, startups and finance from around the world, this time from…
Led by a rockstar regional consortium of leading accelerators and angel networks and USAID-DAI fund. Applications due this week.
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